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Stratifyd was founded in 2015 with two key objectives: create a data analytics platform anyone can use; and make it powerful enough that everyone will want to use it. Our founder, Derek Wang, Ph.D., brought an academic approach to an existing challenge and assembled a team to develop a powerful yet simple method of identifying and visualizing both structured and unstructured data. By abandoning traditional models and processes and allowing augmented human intelligence through our patented machine learning, Stratifyd has enabled our customers to turn their unstructured and unused data into revenue opportunities.

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Faced with the challenge of identifying persistent themes from sources across the globe, in multiple languages across different data mediums, we developed the next generation of analytics based on the emerging science of machine learning. This unique approach targeted the most difficult and untapped analytics landscape - unstructured textual data. Utilizing machine learning and statistical NLP to eliminate taxonomical and ontological analytics methods drastically improves time to decision, reduces the operational cost of analytics and removes inherent biases resulting from a predetermined interpretation framework.

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Team derek
Derek Wang, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder

Team thomas
Thomas Kraft

VP of Engineering

Team brad
Brad Fleeman

VP of Global Sales

Team li yu
Li Yu, Ph.D.

VP of Data Visualization

Our Team
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