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Dynamic Topic Summarization

Stratifyd automatically identifies and extracts hidden topics, categories, and trends out of your textual data. Centered around advanced Neural Networks analysis, our platform efficiently discovers nuances and emerging issues that relate directly to your needs for increased accuracy in a shorter time.

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Deep Textual Learning

Our proprietary algorithm reads and summarizes all your unstructured data to provide contextually rich insights

Natural Language Understanding

Native language identifiers ensure proper contextual and sentiment analysis no matter the language. 

Multi-Lingual Sentiment Analysis

Identify language cues and understand meaning by analyzing data through inherent language assessment.


Smart Structured Data Analysis

Stratifyd thoroughly analyzes every data dimension and automatically provides the best information. We leverage high-performance statistical analytics to provide geographical, temporal, and predictive analysis for complete insight on what's happening now, and what may occur in the future.

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Geographical Analysis

Process location data and provide heat maps detailing not just who your information comes from, but where.

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Temporal Analysis

See how time affects data analysis by realizing insights from temporal categorical data. 

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Predictive Analysis

Better understand human behaviors through predictive analytics that uses clues to see what may happen.


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