Augmented Intelligence is the Future


Stratifyd has recently acquired a trademark on the term, Augmented Intelligence™. It represents the intersection of domain expertise and artificial intelligence. Augmented Intelligence aims to leverage human intuition rather than replace it, by putting the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the hands of domain experts and analysts through intuitive, interactive, visual interfaces. By pairing human knowledge and creativity with AI, we can augment human thinking to reduce workload, speed up operations, and create more efficient results. Stratifyd believes that artificial intelligence will never replace humans, but will augment them to make their daily lives, both at work and at home, easier and more efficient.

For artificial intelligence to have value, it must be built with a purpose. Stratifyd’s AI is built with the goal of augmenting human effort, reducing work time, and creating more efficient decisions by processing huge volumes of data automatically to provide real, actionable results. Automating tedious and time consuming tasks that a user could potentially do, allows them to better apply their skill and expertise to the process of data analysis. Augmented intelligence, through in depth visualization, also gives users the ability to pair their deep domain knowledge with interactive dashboards to demonstrate true results in ways that anyone can understand.


Stratifyd believes that augmented intelligence is truly the future of AI. We aim to use artificial intelligence to augment the human experience, to create more efficient analysis, and to reduce the time to detailed results. Augmented intelligence gives users faster, more efficient insights and allows them to easily collaborate intelligently across multiple teams, multiple dashboards, and a variety of customizable widget interfaces. By leveraging Stratifyd’s powerful augmented intelligence capability users can create better data driven decisions across multiple data sets and share their findings with colleagues in easy to manage ways. AI with purpose and AI that creates augmented intelligence will shape not only how data analytics are done, but will open up doors to new intuitive freedoms for humans in the near future.