How to Improve Resort Customer Experience with Text Analytics


All inclusive resorts place the highest priority on great customer experience. Guests at these resorts expect a level of service that caters to their every whim in ways that hotels should never be able to match. In an increasingly demanding marketplace, where customers look to receive better value on their dollar, resorts must rely on a wealth of information across multiple channels to hear the voice of their customer and provide top level service. In order to merge the structured and unstructured data, powerful artificially intelligent data analytics platforms analyze data from a variety of sources to gain clear understanding into the needs, habits, and preferences of their guests.

Resorts, like cruise ships, need to offer and deliver on a number of amenities and services to truly create the ultimate experience. Guests expect that every need will be met once they set foot into the resort, wanting for nothing during their stay with the vast majority of desires bought and paid for before their arrival. In order to understand which services best fit their customers, resorts can rely on data analytics to create a clear picture of customer sentiment regarding their time spent at the resort. This will provide insight into areas of opportunity and identify areas of high performance to allow for data driven decision making to improve customer experience, market high level services, or eliminate amenities that guests do not enjoy to reduce overhead.


Important areas of concern that data analytics can measure include the food and drink, room comfort and quality, employee engagement and service, recreation facilities and activities, as well as almost any aspect possible. Powerful data analytics provides in depth analysis on individual issues, giving resorts the chance to dive deep into the feedback data to discover important insights into their customer’s experience. By analyzing information both overall and in individual detail, resorts can concentrate on experience management to drive up satisfaction and create repeat guests.

Customer experience management for resorts through powerful AI analytics can use machine learning and natural language processing to go beyond the feedback to reveal the context behind reviews, surveys, emails, social media interaction, and other channels of engagement. By assessing 100 percent of client experience data with artificial intelligence, resorts can see important issues in near real time to make adjustments in opportunity areas, improve efficiency, lower costs, and create an excellent customer experience for their guests and better operations for their company.