Intuit's Stratifyd Advantage for Voice of Customer Analytics


Stratifyd provides AI powered data analytics to a variety of businesses, many of them ranking among the Fortune 500. Our artificial intelligence driven machine learning and natural language understanding provides our clients with deep business insights in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. Intuit leverages the Stratifyd platform for customer feedback analysis.

Intuit is a business software company focusing on accounting and tax preparation applications. Founded in 1983 by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx, the company has grown to achieve revenues north of $4 billion annually. They are the makers of Quickbooks and Turbotax, two of the most popular accounting and tax preparation softwares on the U.S. market.

Intuit engaged Stratifyd to provide AI powered analytics on customer feedback data across multiple channels of Uservoice. Stratifyd has increased the efficiency and reach of data analysis on customer feedback by enabling the 10 users within Intuit’s Customer Feedback team to truly analyze all information that is available.

Implementation of Stratifyd’s platform enabled Intuit to,

  • React quickly to changing trends in volume of interactions or VOC sentiment
  • Share this relevant data with internal partners or decision makers
  • Easily view original customer service ticket source data
  • Readily share data analysis with anyone having login access or share via print/export.
  • Search by buzzwords on the fly and pivot on any data points

Over a two week period, Intuit received 38,324 individual customer feedback tickets. With manual categorization and analysis, only a sample of 3800 was analyzed over this period. It takes 3.5 days to manually analyze just the sample data from the overall data set, and Intuit received just 2 actionable business insights from that sample.

With Stratifyd, Intuit analyzed all 38,324 individual pieces of customer feedback. Using our AI powered data analytics platform, the entire data set was categorized and analyzed within 90 minutes. Intuit received 3 actionable business insights from that sample. Overall, Stratifyd processed 10 times the data with an increase of 53 times the efficiency.

With Stratifyd, Intuit leveraged a complete view of their entire data set in an exponentially shorter amount of time. Rather than days of effort to achieve results, Stratified provided significant insights within minutes. We continue to build a strong business relationship with Intuit and others to provide a faster path from raw data to real decisions.