Stratifyd's 3.0 Platform Update


Stratifyd is proud to announce the launch of its 3.0 software update. With this new update, we are providing a host of new functions and improving many others. For update 3.0, we concentrated on improving our already advanced AI, creating user centric visualizations, and generating enhanced data connectivity. With this launch we are creating a platform what will fully merge proprietary structured data sets with 3rd party and public unstructured data to provide a complete view of information for our clients.

In 3.0, we’ve improved our AI to create advanced machine learning that creates in depth structured data analysis through multiple data sources while also improving unstructured data modeling. The ability to provide insights on both the structured and unstructured side gives clients the flexibility to understand both what’s in their data and also why it’s important. These improvements will give our clients the power to merge data sets with common topics and understand the context much more easily. By seamlessly analyzing complete data sets, clients will have deeper insight into their companies in shorter amounts of time.

Stratifyd has improved visualizations for our 3.0 launch. We’ve completely updated the user interface to allow clients to customize their visualizations to suit their preferences, while also creating better interactivity to make using our platform more intuitive. We’ve created rich analytic templates that allow clients who perform the same types of analysis to automatically build out the same type of interface without needing to build from scratch. We’ve also refined our reporting capability to make sharing results and collaborating easier than ever.

Data is the backbone of everything we do, with that we have improved our data connectivity to provide increased security and improve ease of use. We have expanded our enterprise data connectors and built a system of permissions to allow data to stream through our analytics engine without ever risking the security that our clients work so hard to achieve. We have also implemented an analyst friendly SDK that allows analysts and users the freedom to create and customize multiple aspects within our visualizations to better suit any need they may have.

Our new update is designed to provide better connectivity, better security, greater flexibility, and improved analysis on any type of data from almost any source. Stratifyd is working hard to create the most versatile data analytics platform on the market. With this release, we are closer than ever to creating a platform to fit any role, compliment any need, and provide faster, more efficient data analysis for the most complete view of every piece of information in minutes, never months.