Stratifyd's New Enterprise Data Connectors


Stratifyd’s new 3.0 deployment is incorporating a host of new enterprise data connectors to increase flexibility in analysis and security for your data. We are supporting MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Hive Servers 1 and 2, and MongoDB as part of our initial 3.0 release. Future support for Oracle Database, Cassandra, Redis and IBM DB2 is planned for a subsequent release in the near future. With these additional enterprise data connectors we hope to provide greater efficiency and vision to companies looking for insight within their data.

The new enterprise data connector affords you the freedom to send data to the Stratifyd platform for analysis without ever needing to grant us access to your internal databases. While we can fully analyze any data provided, your security remains in place by only allowing us access to the specific data that clients want to analyze. We can neither pull data down or perform any operations without their express consent, leaving their information locked securely inside proprietary data silos behind robust firewalls. Clients can also schedule exactly when they want data to be sent, providing complete control over their information while still accessing Stratifyd’s in depth AI powered analytics.

The Enterprise data connector is provided as a standalone executable that installs easily on Windows, Mac, or Linux. A user friendly interface for connecting to, querying, and pushing data from proprietary databases to the platform allows clients to easily gain insights into their private data without unnecessary hassle. The desktop application is self updating, and relies on user generated API keys that connect to the platform and that users can deactivate any time. Stratifyd’s new enterprise connectors bring a higher level of security and flexibility to companies looking to access the powerful AI analytics from Stratifyd, while maintaining the high security standards they set for their company.