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Domain Knowledge Templates

We start with a basic assessment of your data based on our own knowledge of your business domain. These templates allow you to intuitively edit the individual widgets to provide the right form and function. We allow you to include any data of any type as a filter increasing the accuracy of your information. You can also fully customize your dashboards to understand the business insights that are important to you in the way that suits you best.

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Intuitive Widget Editor

Edit individual widgets in order to present the data in the way that best suits your needs. Change graphs, word clouds, and heat maps to match your understanding and expertise. 


Pivot On Any Dimension

Bring any data of any type into our interactive visualizations and apply them as a filter to focus on important details that are relevant to your business with no limit as to combination or perspectives. 


Fully Customizable Dashboards

Customize the interactive dashboards by adding or removing elements for greater precision or organization. There is virtually no end to the permutations available for better data insight.


See How Stratifyd's Templates Create Deeper Understanding

Click below to see how data science and machine learning are revealing deep business insight.

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