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Collaboration Made Easier For Your Entire Team 


Share Dashboards

In order for your data analysis to be most effective, you need the ability to share that information with the right people. We provide seamless sharing of dashboards across your entire team. This gives you an effective way to ensure the best insights available are powering the choices made by decision makers at your company. Collaboration puts the capability of data science into everyone’s hands, giving you the understanding to move your company forward.

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Share Ready for Power Point

We enable you to export widgets, such as one chart or one heat map to highlight a specific attribute within a Power Point presentation or to collaborate on one lone issue at a time. 


Share with Colleagues or Social Media

You can export information from the dashboard in the form of images or HTML files in order to share with your colleagues or across social media to keep the relevant people connected. 


Embed for Publication or Sharing

Embed individual widgets into your website or additional viable places in order to share your data with colleagues and employees through seamless access to the information


See How Stratifyd Makes Data Collaboration Easier

Click below to see how data science and machine learning are facilitating collaboration.

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