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Data Connectors

The data most relevant to your business is scattered across a wide variety of sources, both internal and external. We bring that information together from multiple points to unify the structured and unstructured data. Our platform connects data from anywhere to provide the most accurate business insights faster and more efficiently. Our AI powered data analytics platform brings a wealth of information together, no matter its origin, to create actionable intelligence for your business.

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Structured Data

Structured data shares many of the same data characteristics and can be managed by a data management system. It is usually internal data such as internal surveys or employee assessment.


Unstructured Data

Unstructured data is any data that is too varied to be managed by a strict system. This data is usually text such as social media posts, external consumer reviews, or external employee feedback.

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Data Sources

Data sources are any digital repository connected to the internet. Some examples include, internal servers with vast amounts of structured data or external sources with unstructured data.


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