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A Solution for Every Role

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Business Executives

In order to make the best decisions affecting your business, you need the right information. We unify data from multiple sources so you can determine what is relevant and move your business forward, fast. 

All the business data your team needs, easily shared through one tool.

Information Technology

Easily share business information your team needs most through a seamlessly collaborative dashboard that generates the right reports. We provide the ability to arm your team with the right information.  

Put the voice of your customer to work for you.

Voice of Customer

Gaining customer feedback provides important insight into the performance of your business. Bring structured and unstructured data together to better inform your customer service management.

Create a data driven approach to your omni-channel marketing strategy.. 

Marketing & Research

Monitoring omni-channel marketing strategies is more difficult without the right view of your data. Visualize information and bring multiple data streams together for better campaign accuracy and efficiency.

Optimize your employee experience and gain true insight through feedback.

Voice of Employee

We unify feedback from multiple sources and let you hear the real voice of your employee. Understand your employee's needs and increase employee retention in order to hold on to your most valuable resource.

Track how your products are resonating out of the gate with your customers.

Product Development

Gauge reaction to your products the moment they hit the market by gathering data from outside sources and unifying them with your own internal research. Understand customer feedback to hear their voice.

A Solution for Every Data Source

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Public Domain Data

Pull data from anywhere to create unimaginable insight.

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ERP Data

Real time data to solve complex business challenges.

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Back End Data

Process both data types from any source. 

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A Solution for Every Industry

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Financial Institutions

Consolidate your data from any internal and external source on customer information, investment research, and market data in order to make the most profitable decisions for your company.  

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Fashion Retail

Listen to the voice of your customer on issues such as store organization, product quality, and the nature of employee interaction to make adjustments in your policy and develop repeat customers.


See what makes a stay great by understanding the amenities your guests appreciate the most, what you might improve, and their interaction with your staff to ensure their stay is the best it can be.

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Understand the true value of your policies by analyzing customer feedback on issues such as the knowledge of your agents, the efficiency of your claims handling, and the overall customer experience.

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Big Box Retail

Use multiple data points to view product tracking and performance, gauge the organization of your stores, and assess employee engagement with customers to mind the bottom line.

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Learn what truly drives sales and what customers expect from the service department by seeing your data visualized through interactive dashboards, making collaboration and decision making easier.


Data Connectors

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Stratifyd provides our enterprise clients multiple methods to quickly access critical business information. Here are some of our growing number of data connectors that provide a faster and more comprehensive view of your information insights. From Excel and CSV files to social marketplaces, leading business applications and databases, as well as any custom data connector you need, Stratifyd will connect you to everywhere your data lives.

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