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Voice of Employee Posts

Learn how Stratifyd can help Human Resources better manage their people. 


Learn how Macy's can benefit from People Analytics from Stratifyd.


See what GM could learn about its employees with Stratifyd.


Read about the benefits of using Stratifyd for Insurance HR.

Voice of Customer Blogs

Read how Stratifyd can help improve your customer's experience.


Read how Nordstrom can improve customer experience with Stratifyd.


Learn about how Allstate could improve retention with Stratifyd.

Uber on App Stores

See the real difference in App store reviews with insight from Stratifyd.

Featured Posts On Data Analytics

How CATA Can Leverage Voice of Customer

See what the largest automotive dealers association could learn with Stratifyd.

How Top Appliance Makers Can Use VOC

Learn what top appliance manufacturers can learn with Voice of Customer data from Stratifyd. 

What Unilever Can Learn from VOC

Read what the Voice of Customer can do for Unilever's understanding of its products. 

5 Myths About Data Analytics

Here are some myths about data analytic implementation.

Automation vs Human in Enterprise

Learn why human's are still integral to data analysis.

An End User Approach to Data

We consider how the user will be able to assess data with Stratifyd.

AI-Powered Analytics Platform

Take a quick look at how our power data analytics platform works.

Integrated Visualization

Learn how integrated visualizations can improve your data analysis.

Unstructured Data Matters

Most data out there is unstructured, see why it's so important.

4 Markets Where Data Will Thrive

Read about the next four markets that will be affected by big data.

Data Improves Fan Engagement

Learn how NASCAR could use data for better fan engagement.

The Human Factor in Data

Discover how humans are effecting how big data is used.