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A Fortune 150 Manufacturing Company is Driving Digital Transformation Through Website Optimization

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38% decrease

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The Challenge

This company struggled to understand the customer journey and sought to improve the customer experience as well as its website’s ease- of-use through digital transformation.

The Resolution

The company’s push toward digital transformation led to the CTO allocating roughly $2.5 billion to the cause, part of which was used to develop and dedicate a portion of the website to eCommerce.

The eCommerce page was created to give customers the benefit of self-service purchases. However, the company has products with more than 100,000 different serial numbers and search engine optimization did not go as smoothly as planned, which was uncovered by using our platform to analyze survey and chat data.


“We found when we developed the eCommerce page that we were only upsetting our customers more. We were not optimized to what customers were expecting.”

The Full Story

Using our platform, the company was able to see that customers were visiting the website with specific serial numbers of products they wanted to purchase, entering them into the search bar, and failing to get the desired results in return. Customers then turned to the company’s chat feature asking for quotes regarding those products, prompting a 40% influx in chat volume, with 42% of all chats containing requests for quotes.

Unfortunately, the company’s chat feature lacked the ability to share the information about quotes, which led to customers’ information getting sent to territory- based call centers where sales representatives would reach out to them – a process taking anywhere between two and 24 hours. To support the self-service model it had been striving for and prevent customer churn, the company knew it was crucial to identify the issues and streamline the process.

Through website optimization and improved agent training, chat volume decreased by 38%.



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