The 4.0 version of our
platform is changing the landscape with both
new and updated features.

What’s new on Stratifyd 4.0

Increased Speed

Not only is our platform the fastest time to insights, but we’ve increased the speed for 4.0 to give you data visualizations in near real-time.

Added Alerting and Case Management

These two features give you the ability to monitor customer sentiment and satisfaction on specific products and services and keep track of cases in which a follow up is needed.

Equipped with Predictive Intelligence

Our platform analyzes call and chat transcripts to accurately predict customer satisfaction scores and give the rationale, so that you have a more complete data set to pull insights from.

The benefits of Stratifyd

Stratifyd got its start in 2015 with the release of 1.0. A lot has changed since then, but our overall mission remains the
same: To democratize data and AI, help customers’ voices be heard, and help companies increase customer retention,
improve products and services, and boost revenue.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out this
customer success story.

Watch a quick overview of how Mountain Khakis uses the Stratifyd platform to improve products, analyze reviews,
and make intelligent business decisions to enhance the customer experience.