Uncover the Real Story in Real Time

There’s more to the customer experience than you know. Unlock the full story with Experience Analytics that unify feedback, operational, and behavioral data and create action-worthy insights.

What Is Experience Analytics?

Most analytics solutions only tell part of the story. Experience Analytics powered by Smart AI™ combines structured and unstructured data together to reveal the “why” behind what’s happening.

Tear Down Silos to Get Deeper Insights

You don’t want people to experience your brand in silos, so why should you measure and analyze experiences in silos? With the ability to combine multiple sources of feedback, operational, and behavioral data together across different teams and technologies, your company can uncover the hidden stories that traditional analytics can’t tell.

Future-Proof Your Stack for Growth and Change

Thanks to Stratifyd's vendor-neutral approach, our Experience Analytics can work with almost any data source you have, including over 100 pre-built data connectors, ranging from public data sources, to third party tools, to custom enterprise connectors. As your company grows, rest easy knowing you've got built-in support for 27 languages, or over 100 with third-party translation tools.

Artificial Intelligence for All

Our patented Smart AI™ gives your teams the tools they need to train and learn, regardless of their data science skills.  Deploy supervised, unsupervised and rules-based models on the fly. Put the power of prediction for everything from NPS scores, to companies versus feedback, to churn risks into the hands of anyone who needs it.

Make Smarter Decisions, Faster

Our Experience Analytics Platform brings together Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Automation. Give everyone from your Data Analyst to the CEO the insights they need to take action and improve experiences across the entire customer journey.

What Makes Stratifyd’s Experience Analytics Unique?

Unparalleled Depth and Breadth of Insights

Our vendor-neutral approach to data allows you to combine structured and unstructured sources of data together in one platform. Dig deeper into the data with our patented Smart AI algorithms like AutoLearn, and explore sub-topics to uncover why things are trending.

The Right Model for Every Question

Our platform features dozens of pre-built and customizable AI and Machine Learning models to kickstart your analytics. Whether you’re interested in predictive, sentiment, or natural language understanding, you’ve got the tools you need to answer the toughest questions about your brand experience.

Optimize on the Fly

Home in on what matters by cutting out the noise. Customize your models in the moment by removing the results that don’t matter right there in the platform, without waiting for other teams to answer a ticket.

Built for Growth

From the small details to the big picture, our platform is designed to grow alongside your business. Whether it’s allowing your text analytics to scale up faster thanks to automatic topic detection or saving your company time and money everytime your tech stack changes thanks to our vendor neutral approach, you’ve got a technology built for today and tomorrow.

What will your data reveal?

Go beyond counting words with our patented Smart AI™ featuring Natural Language Understanding.

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