Listen to Customers Like Never Before

Take the burden off Contact Center supervisors and managers by automating transcription and unlocking key acoustic insights that reveal the human element of conversations.

What Is Speech Analytics?

Give your team the upper hand on audio data with Smart AI™ that can automatically recognize and convert it to text while quantifying unspoken parts of conversations like emotions and silences.

Feel Like You're There for Every Call

An accurate transcription gives you the confidence to forego listening to every call. Our proprietary Neural Network-based speech transcription model can be trained to understand your specific business, instead of relying on generic speech models.

Capture More than Words with Smart AI

No one has time to listen to every call. Our Smart AI gives you all the insights you need into every call with 33 voice metrics to help gauge the interaction, including silence time, overtalk, talking streaks, energy, and more.

Get Your Insights When They Matter Most

Every wasted second in the Contact Center hurts the bottom line. Unlock real-time and post-call transcriptions and analytics so you can make adjustments and improve agent coaching so you can nip problems in the bud.

See Call Insights Alongside Key Operational Metrics

Get the "why" behind what's happening in your Contact Center. Make key metrics like first call resolution more impactful when you see it alongside the associated topics and sentiments driving your outcomes.

What Makes Stratifyd's Speech Analytics Unique?

Automatic Conversation Transcription

Take the legwork out of listening to audio with automatic conversation transcription. Converting speech to text allows for deeper insights, but don't worry: intangible elements of human conversation are retained with acoustic analysis.

Conversation Inspector Highlights What Matters

Surface the highlights of every call, including key events and metadata. If you see something worth exploring more, dive into the playback of the audio and follow along with a helpful transcription view.

Never Miss a Beat with Acoustic Analysis

Converting speech to text can flatten the emotions and energy of a call. Capture 33 key elements of speech with Stratifyd to gain a more intimate understanding of the customer and employee experience.

Custom Dictionaries Improve Accuracy

Your business is unique; don’t let critical terms like product names get lost in translation with generic speech models. Make the most accurate transcriptions possible by training your speech analytics with custom dictionaries.

What will your data reveal?

Go beyond counting words with our patented Smart AI™ featuring Natural Language Understanding.

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