Bazaarvoice Data Connector

data connector

How Stratifyd works with Bazzarvoice

We help you answer the why behind the what with Bazzarvoice’s syndicated ratings & reviews for your products, enabling you to reach more people and influence more purchases

With Stratifyd, you will have access to

  • Identify drivers behind high Vs. low ratings, and Negative Vs. positive sentiment from large amounts of review verbatim

  • Categorize and customer review to generate actionable insights

  • Flexible visualization of syndicated retailor reviews pivoting on channel, product, etc.

  • Identify potential complain from customers

Stratifyd connects to Bazaarvoice through the API key assigned to you based on parameters chosen. After submitting your BazaarVoice API key to access reviews, comments, questions, answers, etc., you can select a time frame for your analysis and schedule re-occurring ones, Stratifyd then retrieves the data based on your requirements.