We Don’t Take Customer Analytics at Face Value

Stratifyd dives deep into unstructured feedback to surface insights beyond simple star ratings.

Stratifyd is powered by AI and specializes in analyzing both structured and unstructured feedback.

Our platform ingests omni-channel data and uses machine learning to assign sentiment and categorize the findings. Here’s a demo video to show how businesses like yours could benefit from using Stratifyd.

Our platform has a number of other valuable features, too.

  • We’re the fastest time to insights platform.
  • Our platform has alerting and case management functionality, giving you the opportunity to become more proactive.
  • It can accurately predict CSAT ratings and reasoning when customers fail to, or don’t fully provide feedback.
In the health and beauty industry, it’s imperative to listen to what your customers are saying about the wide range of products, ensure customers are satisfied, and engage with them as much as possible. We’ve helped several clients do just that.

Our client, Masco, toyed with the idea of producing an aerosol version of its chalk-based paint and used Stratifyd to analyze data across social media channels, finding that paint with a chalk finish was heavily used on HGTV shows, creating a high demand for this type of product. Masco decided to move forward with the proposed product after being armed with these insights.

We’ve also helped a Fortune 500 financial services company increase CSAT scores to 92% and Arvato Bertelsmann separate real and fake accounts on social media so it could interact with customers within 30 minutes of being mentioned to improve loyalty and satisfaction.

The next step is scheduling a demo to see the unique, unsurfaced insights in your customer data.