How AI is Changing the Hospitality Industry

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The advent of artificial intelligence in everyday business has grown significantly as the systems behind it have become better and more capable. Businesses are using AI to augment their customer service teams and gather information on their customers to create in depth understanding and streamline the customer journey. Few industries are as customer-centric as the hospitality industry. Hotels, resorts, and airlines try to create a valuable customer journey from start to finish. By utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning through powerful data analytics platforms, the hospitality industry can create a better view of their customers while engaging them on a deeper level.

Hospitality uses AI to go beyond just the customer experience level. By utilizing powerful artificially intelligent software, companies can capture information on customer purchases, location preferences, travel patterns, and customer experience inquiries. Businesses using AI have seen a 79% increase in customer engagement by targeting the correct audiences based on information gathered by AI. 30% of hospitality businesses use artificial intelligence to augment at least one of their primary sales processes. Increasing efficiency of analysis allows companies in the hospitality industry to meet increasing customer expectation and adapt to new unforeseen issues.

88% of businesses in the travel segment are currently using AI to automate many aspects of booking, recommendation, and customer service. Artificially intelligent customer service agents can handle 65% of current requests from customers. 99% of all customer personalization is done through the use of AI. By automating customer engagement, customers receive the immediate feedback they are looking for, allowing 89% of companies using AI to retain their customers versus 33% retention by companies not using AI.

Artificial Intelligence has begun to revolutionize how businesses adjust to changing customer expectations to provide a better customer experience. Powerful data analytics tools such as Stratifyd’s are helping companies track near real time changes in customer sentiment and make data driven decisions that protect the bottom line.

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