Cruise Industry Analysis Driven by AI Powered Analytics


At Stratifyd, we understand that cruise lines live and die by customer experience. The goal is to not only provide an excellent voyage for a one time passenger, but to turn that passenger into a long term customer that returns to cruise again and again. Gaining deeper understanding and insight into the expectations of customers and recognizing changes in the industry demands a powerful service that can unify data from a variety of sources. Stratifyd has brought the extraordinary number of data points for the cruise industry together into a single consumable universe. We process a huge volume of  cruise line reviews as well as merge streaming news, industry insights, and other social inputs.

Our service empowers cruise companies, travel agencies, and cruise industry experts to easily find the insights needed to capitalize on apparent opportunities, increase customer loyalty, and gain the operational information necessary to maximize revenue.  Using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a dynamic user interface, subscribers can focus on every aspect of the customer journey. Clients can perform comprehensive cruise industry analysis in minutes and create data driven decisions to power their business. More importantly, the combination of artificial intelligence and intuitive use interface enables anyone, not just data scientists or analysts, to easily find actionable information quickly and easily.


We understood the need to analyze, evaluate, and execute relevant, realistic business strategies from industry data. Our solution has gathered all of this data into one service to permanently change the cruise industry though AI powered data analytics. The future of analyzing product development, competitive analysis, and industrial shifts has finally arrived.

Our service has created a portal with all of the cruise industry insights your company will ever need, such as competitive reviews and cruise industry news with deep contextual historical data. The service also gives you the ability to perform ad hoc services to map your customer’s journey from first-time customer to brand loyal sea-goers.

Stratifyd’s portal allows quick and easy analysis for cruise lines that will allow you to unify the mountain of information that your business has and will put you ahead of your competition. With a monthly subscription, you gain immediate access to a universe of data that will accelerate, grow, and improve your business strategies. Stratifyd brings news, reviews, social, and in-depth analysis together in one platform that is easy to use and easy to share across the entire company.