Supercharge Your Enterprise Data in Stratifyd 3.0

Data Fusion Image-02.png

Stratifyd 3.0 delivers enterprise data connectors (“EDC”) to round out the demand for complete data integration.  Clients can securely connect to their databases, query databases in SQL, and push data to Stratifyd dashboards for analysis and visualization.  Security is always a top priority at Stratifyd, and our EDC’s are fully supported by SSL.  

The EDC application supports the following database types:

  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Postgre SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Hadoop Hiveserver1
  • Hadoop Hiveserver2
  • IBM DB2
  • Cassandra
  • JDBC Connection


  • Configure your connector

Clients can configure their connector by selecting their database type and table.

  • Query your data marts

Queries are performed using SQL.  The query parameter defaults to SELECT * FROM, and additional SQL can be added to load specific data into Stratifyd.

  • Map the data elements

Users can map unstructured data fields as geographical, temporal, text, or contributor.  

  • Submit to Stratifyd API

After a job submitted, the data is sent from the enterprise server to Stratifyd’s application programming interface (“API”).  The API endpoint accepts the data and loads it into a new or existing dashboard.  

  • Schedule, Analyze, and Visualize

Clients can run daily pulls from their data warehouses and merge their data with structured and unstructured data from public, third-party, and other enterprise data connectors via Stratifyd’s new data fusion feature.


Ashley Pate