Escaping the Taxonomy Time Suck


In business, time is the most valuable commodity, so why waste a single second. There’s only so much time in the business day, but for some reason we’ve grown accustomed to the data analytics process taking forever. Companies like Clarabridge use taxonomies to generate analysis on a wide variety of data sets, but building and maintaining a taxonomy is a slow, iterative process with each iteration potentially taking days or even weeks to achieve accurate results. This is a great example of a process that wastes your time. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a great way to save time using the Clarabridge process. However, no one should have to slog through mountains of data or wait days to get results, especially not when agile, artificial intelligence driven analytics offers excellent alternatives to Clarabridge. It’s time to make a change from those things that are sucking away your time.

  • Taxonomies - This is the tried and true way that Clarabridge processes information. It takes an army of data scientists and analysts creating taxonomies so their system can give back relevant data. Depending on the data set, it may take hours to properly set up the taxonomy, and even once it’s finished it will need to be rerun more than once to refine the results into relevancy, taking days.
  • Bias - The analyst is telling the system what data to return and the system dutifully does. Taxonomies are biased, because you’re constantly working the wrong way around. Rather than the platform intelligently providing the most relevant results, you’re telling it what to think and so it does. Thus the cycle continues, measuring only how accurately the results match the taxonomy itself. Inefficiency at its worst.
  • Humans - A people driven approach to data analysis is time consuming, it all filters through a fallible person who, sure, you can put on the hook for it, but who may not return the most accurate results. With a human driven big data approach, you have an old school method of analysis that will only return what you’re expecting and will take days in the process. It might be nice to hold someone responsible, but it certainly isn’t efficient.

To escape the Taxonomy Time Suck, Stratifyd, a Clarabridge competitor, offers a robust, artificial intelligence driven data analytics platform that leverages unsupervised machine learning to streamline both data collection and data analysis, returning results in minutes and not days. We also get you to answers faster by both analyzing and visualizing the data into seamlessly sharable and easy to use dashboards. With the right data in place, everything from the analysis to the dashboard visualizations can be available within minutes, creating unbiased results that translate into action much quicker. Spend more time solving the problems you may not have even known about, and less time trying to figure out what they are. If you’re suffering the Taxonomy Time Suck, Stratifyd can help. Contact us today.