How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Business


Artificial intelligence is changing the business world in subtle ways that many may not realize. In fact, multiple businesses and employees are already using artificial intelligence in their everyday work lives without even knowing it. In fact, 63% of workers are using artificial intelligence in some way. Stratifyd has created a powerful AI analytics platform to provide data driven insights to clients. We’ve seen business executives using artificial intelligence to make data driven decisions, marketing and sales people using AI to help create targeted advertising, and customer experience professionals using it to track customer satisfaction across a variety of channels.

By leveraging AI to inform business decisions of every kind, workers at all levels are getting more out of the data they already have. Here are some examples of how different types of professionals use artificial intelligence in their work lives, some of the benefits of AI in business, and some of the top uses of the technology.


Professionals across multiple business sectors are already utilizing artificial intelligence to augment their expertise and better serve their customers and clients every day. No matter if its executives trying to determine the best way to move business forward, marketing teams attempting to understand how to drive more customers to a site or into a store, or even customer experience professionals analyzing the best ways of providing the ultimate customer experience, artificial intelligence is creating a new source of strategy and information for those that use it.

Machine learning and AI will continue to grow within the business marketplace as powerful tools to leverage vast amounts of information. As the uses grow more in depth, more businesses will implement artificially intelligent platforms to unify their data, present contextual analysis, and allow them to execute on those insights faster and more efficiently. Stratifyd’s platform is among those that allow its users to access their complete data set and see every angle of both the structured and unstructured data. AI will now always be a presence that business turns to for greater information, and Stratifyd will continue to disrupt itself and the market by putting better tools in the hands of those that need them.