How to Improve Hotel Customer Experience with Text Analytics


The hospitality industry thrives on great customer experience. As guests become more demanding in an increasingly competitive marketplace, hotels must look to new avenues of information to improve the hotel customer experience. Data analytics merges structured and unstructured data across multiple channels to provide a clear overview of customer feedback and give hotels a better understanding of how customers perceive them. By leveraging powerful data analysis platforms that use artificial intelligence and machine learning, hotels are able to process their complete data sets and reveal key insights to inform better data driven decisions across the entire organization.

Hotel customer service is the main focus of anyone in the hospitality industry. By providing the best experience, hotels can capture return guests and increase the quality of customer feedback in reviews, emails, social media posts, and other forms of engagement. By analyzing the unstructured data in the form of text, hotels can gauge true customer sentiment to reveal areas of high performance and see those places of opportunity for improvement. Advanced analytics platforms are able to process huge volumes of data in near real time, giving the businesses that use them the chance to see issues as they arise and take steps to correct them before they truly infringe on great customer experience.


Data analytics can provide detailed analysis of different areas that hotels must monitor. How do guests feel about the rooms, are they happy with the pool area, are there any issues with room service or the concierge? In depth data analytics can provide specific information on a wide variety of areas to help hotels discover where guests are incredibly satisfied, and where hotel customers are not happy. By understanding the needs, preferences, and habits of their guests, hotels can tailor their customer experience to best fit their clientele, creating a greater number of repeat guests by ensuring that once someone stays there, they are much more likely to return.

By fully understanding hotel customer experience through complete data analysis, hotels can increase efficiency throughout the organization, lower costs by potentially eliminating unpopular services, improve guest relations across all channels, and better ensure repeat guests by making the improvements those guests demand. Data analytics with artificial intelligence and machine learning can reveal the deeper insights across both structured and unstructured data to inform decision making and create a better experience for both the customers and the company.