Spending In An Internet Second


Spending across the internet from e-commerce and advertising has grown exponentially with the amount of traffic across the web. With millions of people engaging online through their mobile devices and computers, it’s become essential to put more eyes on products and make it easy for people to part with their money. With each transaction, data on users, what they buy, how much they spend, what they searched for, or which ad they clicked on is created in ever increasing volumes. Every second on the web, 28,935 GB of data are generated. While we no longer think of time in terms of seconds, on the internet a second is a lifetime. Stratifyd analyzed data collected from a variety of sources to understand where all that information is coming from. We welcome as much data as possible, as it will allow our AI powered data analytics platform the opportunity to provide better and more accurate insights for our clients.


Data from a variety of financial transactions such as Google Ad buys, Etsy purchases, Best Buy sales, Amazon orders, Paypal uses, and Social Media Ad buys accounts for a large portion of the data created in an Internet Second. With businesses continuing to rely heavily on web based applications, ecommerce, and internet based transactions, we will continue to watch data grow exponentially year after year.

Stratifyd takes data seriously. We are in the business of bringing data together from across the web to provide actionable intelligence for our clients. We’ve built our artificial intelligence to quickly analyze information from almost anywhere and unify it into a singular vision for companies large and small. Unsupervised machine learning can take the headache out of data analysis and empower teams to leverage their data to better effect in less time. Data is everything to us at Stratifyd, no matter how much there is.