Stratifyd Achieves 300% Growth


Charlotte, NC – December 16, 2016 – Stratifyd, Inc, a leading data analytics software company whose platform identifies and visualizes structured and unstructured data to turn raw data into real decisions had a banner year for the company in 2016, where it saw over 300% in year-over-year business growth. The company added new clients around the globe,with client growth was particularly strong in banking, retail, and consumer product companies.

“Stratifyd’s exceptional growth in 2016 paves the way for an even stronger year in 2017,” said Derek Wang, Founder and CEO of Stratifyd. “With our expanded team and continued product development, we will be expanding our reach in our current industry verticals in 2017. In addition, we receive strong interest from companies in the Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance, and Travel industries. This will drive deeper development of offerings and features on the platform in 2017.”

Stratifyd’s key success milestones in 2016 included:

  • Stratifyd saw revenue growth of over 300% and added clients such as Lenovo, Ally Bank, and Kimberly Clark. Client usage is now global, including clients in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The Stratifyd  platform enables users to rapidly analyze data, generate insights, and form action plans to increase revenue. A key benefit is the ability to process all types of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.
  • The opening of International offices in London, UK and Beijing, China. Stratifyd has invested outside of the U.S. to better support the growing global base of clients. The increased level of responsiveness and local support is proving to be a good investment for business growth.
  • The company grew the team by 50%, including executives in global sales and marketing. Stratifyd was founded by a group of highly skilled data scientists (PhDs) and engineers. In 2016 the company grew the front office, adding highly experienced professionals in sales and marketing.
  • Recognized as one of the IDC Innovators for the 2016 Machine Learning-Based Text Analytics Market. While the Stratifyd platform can be used for all forms of data, it has been specifically highlighted for unstructured text analytics expertise.

“Our development team’s innovation, drive, and dedication to our clients was critical to our success in 2016. This year we enhanced the platform with faster performance, enhanced user interface, additional operational capabilities, and new collaboration tools,” added Wang.


The Stratifyd platform processes large volumes of unstructured and structured data from almost any source, including CRM systems, emails, chat sessions, text files, surveys, blog posts, app reviews, social media and more. The platform produces quick and actionable insights in minutes by incorporating machine learning, natural language understanding, and smart structured data analysis to create visualizations of behavior communities, trends, patterns and outlying themes. Key aspects of the platform include easy to use pre-built data integrations and an intuitive dashboard, making implementation fast and easy. The user interface offers drag-and-drop data importing and drill-down options – such as temporal trends, category overview, or buzzword and geospatial analysis.

“The digital transformation is providing many challenges for companies and today’s customers expect an optimized experience at every touchpoint,” added Wang. “We help analyze data in real time, allowing businesses to uncover potential issues and opportunities in real time without complex IT integrations or by taxing data science teams. Our product has been able to quickly process all types of data and present it in a way that allows the company better manage the overall customer experience. We help businesses turn unstructured and unused data into revenue opportunities.”