Stratifyd in the News

Stratifyd continues to make headlines. As one of the fastest growing startups in the Charlotte area, has recently been featured in two separate technology publications that cover advances in the industry and report on changes that are moving tech forward.

CIO Applications is a leading publication that covers the technology industry. Stratifyd was featured as one the top 25 AI companies in the US, breaking grounds in the business world.   

Stratifyd was also featured in Geektime as one of the top ten fastest growing tech companies in Charlotte, Geektime originated in Israel and is one of the largest technology publications outside of the United States with affiliates in countries around the world.

As Stratifyd continues to grow, we will keep making waves that bring us to the attention of more news outlets across the globe. We are proud to be featured in these two publications and are excited for the new growth that is bringing us into the spotlight.

Tim Roberson