The Internet Second


We no longer think of time in relation to a second. We measure our days in minutes and hours, our years in weeks and months. The second has become forgotten, passing in the blink of an eye. But on the internet, a second is a lifetime. With every internet second, we create enough data to equal 2,875,000 songs or 19,212 HD movies. Right now, every second you read this, 28,935 GB of data are being created across countless corners of the web. At Stratifyd, we welcome the exponential growth of data. With more information, we are better able to help our clients achieve meaningful insight into their business. Data is growing into a nearly immeasurable ocean of information, here’s where all that data is coming from.


Stratifyd is a leading authority on data science and big data analytics. We know data, and as more of it becomes available, our AI powered platform will use machine learning to unify structured and unstructured data from any source to provide faster, more efficient business insights. At Stratifyd, we turn raw data into real decisions, no matter how much data there might be. For more information contact us at