How to Give Your Customers What They Actually Want

Think about two of your favorite websites or mobile apps. Have you ever wondered why you’re so drawn to them?

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Cybersecurity in the Digital Age – Why It Matters

According to Forbes, there have been more than 300 publicly reported data breaches involving the theft of...

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Why Ignoring CX Won’t Fly in the Airline Industry

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) released its annual travel report and found that...

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The Importance of CX in Media Streaming

Netflix launched in 1998 as a mail-order DVD service that would have more movies than were available...

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How CX Can Compete Against Next-Day Delivery

When was the last time you physically went to the mall in search of a product, without doing any research online?

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Three Ways Companies Can Leverage Speech Analytics

Think about the last time you called in to a customer support line for help. Do you remember what your experience was like?

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Dear Interactive TV, Please Stay.

With humanlike robots, smart appliances, and smart speakers that listen to your every word, innovation moves at lightning speed...

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The Importance of Sentiment Analysis in Understanding CX

When you think about some of the biggest company fails, what comes to mind? For me, it's Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica...

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The Digitalization of Currency and the Effect on CX

Most young adults associate the first of the month with three things: Pay day, bills, and rent.

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