Building a Better Community One Slide at a Time

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Playgrounds can cost more than $80,000 and take weeks to build. Kids need safe and fun spaces within the city to play with friends, so Stratifyd is donating money and time to the United Way of Central Carolina’s 16th annual Playground Build by being one of many shovel sponsors.

“Playgrounds teach these tiny humans valuable life lessons,” Stratifyd Director of Marketing and Creative, Cara Walters said. “They learn how to work together to climb to the top of the jungle gym, take turns going down the slide, and help one another when a knee gets scraped or a friend falls down. Playgrounds bring out some of the best qualities in people, so how awesome is it that we get to draw a parallel and participate in this build as a team, helping the community?”

We’re dedicated to promoting inclusion and philanthropy within our company culture, making this playground build the perfect project. We’re looking forward to working as a team to accomplish a goal that’s not work-related.

“While the Charlotte Playground Build is now in its 16th edition, our 2019 build is looking to be our largest ever with close to 300 volunteers,” Director of Volunteer Strategy & Planning, Bob Young said. “On the event level, it’s fantastic to see the corporate community come together – with companies large and small – to address the needs of students living and learning in at-risk neighborhoods. But on a personal level, it’s special to know that companies like Stratifyd are making a tangible difference in improving the day-to-day lives of students, teachers, and staff.”

UWCC is a non-profit focused on education, health, and financial stability in the Charlotte community. They work to address economic mobility challenges, while providing support for community members that face unexpected life challenges.

The event will take place on Friday with support from 16 companies throughout the region to build a playground for Barringer Academic Center. For more information on UWCC or how to get involved, please visit