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“Being a leading customer relationship management company, Arvato manages a tremendous amount of customer feedback every day. As a result, we need a powerful tool to help us improve CRM in terms of business intelligence and provide the best possible service to end-users. Stratifyd has made that happen. It’s a very helpful and smart tool that gives our business analysts the ability to deep dive into the customer voice to find actionable insights and better understand how to improve customer communication.”-Annie Wu, Senior Data Manager at Arvato


Arvato is an international business which provides customer relationship management, supply chain management, financial, and IT services. Its China location sought our help to analyze customer feedback on social platforms, particularly Weibo.

Partnership With Stratifyd

Stratifyd provides a user-friendly AI training system, so business analysts can train and deploy AI models quickly and easily, even if they have no knowledge of algorithms. Analysts can also use taxonomies to both classify content and identify various topics.

Combining these models, Arvato finally built up a valid customer voice detection system that is able to overcome the challenges of the space.

Notable Use Case(s)

Instead of using our platform to identify trends, Arvato wanted to separate real and fake accounts so it could interact with every person who mentioned the brand and solidify and strengthen customer relationships.

Taxonomies were created to classify content by customer intent to help indicate which accounts were real and which were bots. This system allows the company to respond to customers within 30 minutes of mentioning them on Weibo, therefore improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Arvato had previously had interns manually reading comments and classifying them. Stratifyd has helped the company save time, enhance accuracy and efficiency, and increase revenue.

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