Case Study

Fortune 50 Financial Services

The Challenge

This company struggled to find the best way to collect and analyze customer feedback – some existing solutions weren’t a good fit and a solution built in-house proved difficult for nontechnical users to navigate and get value from.

The Resolution

Digital Client Experience, Treasury Services, Credit Card Retail Services groups turned to our platform to better understand customer journeys and map out the various stages of each journey, and stay up-to-date on competitors in the space to improve CX overall.

Using our prebuilt CFPB and mobile experience optimization data connectors, along with our speech analytics functionality, helped the company take a true self-service approach to omni-channel customer analytics in real time.

The Full Story

The most valuable insight was identifying an instance in which customers were experiencing fingerprint login issues. From March - June 2018, a bug preventing users from logging in using their fingerprints or face IDs required them to call the contact center to report the problem and get temporary password resets after multiple failed attempts. Stratifyd uncovered this information in mere minutes, when it took the company’s analysts months to do the same.

And when conducting competitor analyses, the company compared mobile app reviews for itself and another company in the space whose app was not as robust to assess the differences in customer preference and usability. The competitor had more positive reviews, and the company found that even though its app had many more features than the competition, users favored the ease-of-use and straightforward presentation of the latter. Our client worked to simplify its app, making it easier for users to find what they were looking for.

Augmented Intelligence Insights

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