Case Study

Fortune 50 Financial Services


To analyze unstructured customer feedback across all channels and identify the biggest pain points in an effort to improve the overall user experience.

Partnership With Stratifyd

The company’s efforts revolve around wanting to create a holistic view of its clients’ experiences with various products by looking at omni-channel feedback, such as Voice of the Customer reports, surveys, operational data, and complaints. The company chose to partner with Stratifyd to facilitate its daily reporting and produce visuals to use in presentations to executives.

Using our platform, the company has been able to track the top themes that have accumulated negative customer sentiment and monitor them using Stratifyd’s alerting and case management features.

Notable use case(s)

When looking for the most common customer pain points, the company found that several word pairings – such as “user-friendly,” “international transactions,” “interest rates,” and “fees” – all had negative sentiments attached to them. The company was able to dive deeper into the feedback to find the reasoning behind the negative sentiment and use the information to improve products, services, and customer satisfaction.


Stratifyd built out machine learning functionality for this client to aid in its complaint detection efforts. This, along with our platform’s ability to ingest data from unlimited sources, has provided the company a robust data set to analyze and helped it become more user-friendly.

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