Case Study

Fortune 500 Financial Services

This company got its start roughly a century ago to help auto dealerships finance and maintain inventories but has grown to offer a wide range of financing and banking options. It has a completely digital presence and more than $170 billion in managed assets.

The company operates under one main guiding principle: To treat its customers with care, support, and respect.

Partnership With Stratifyd

The company struggled to bring data – spread across multiple platforms and systems – together in one place in order to quickly analyze and address customer feedback.

“We’re able to process information coming in to the contact center all the way through the ecosystem — digital, product, marketing,” a representative of the company said. “And it all comes together by the fact that we’re able to incorporate all of that data in one place.”

This functionality was so important to the company because its mission is to do right by its customers. That principle led to treating every employee as a member of the customer experience team rather than having one small team dedicated to the cause.

The company realized that its data was extremely disparate. It was siloed in different channels and systems of varying ages, meaning that compiling it in one place in a timely manner would’ve been a massive internal undertaking. But uniting and making sense of the analytics was of the utmost importance.

The company chose Stratifyd because of the platform’s ability to compile structured and unstructured data from unlimited sources in a matter of minutes. The platform also visually organizes findings in ways that allow you to see customer sentiment.

This company gets hundreds of thousands of chats and contact center calls per year, which made our platform's speech analytics and predictive intelligence features especially alluring.

The predictive intelligence allows all customer interactions to be analyzed and accurately predicts customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores for those who chose not to participate in surveys. Another huge draw of Stratifyd was that the company had peace of mind knowing its data was secure.

The ultimate goal of the partnership was to increase customer retention and acquisition.

Key Findings

Drilling into the results compiled on Stratifyd’s platform, the company found three noteworthy instances which could be addressed to provide a better overall customer experience.

The first of which was that many calls and chats revealed that customers had similar questions. To alleviate this pain point, the company reprioritized its list of FAQs so customers could easily find them on the website.

The second was that the word “hamburger” appeared in a lot of reviews with a negative sentiment attached to it. Confused, the company looked into it and found that many customers were having difficulty navigating the website because of a hidden hamburger – also referred to as collapsible – menu. This was solved by reformatting the website to make it simpler to navigate.

The third was after the company released a new credit card. Employees wanted to see what customers were saying and found that it was apparently difficult to link that credit card account with others in order to make payments. The company made some functional fixes to accommodate these customers.


Using Stratifyd’s platform, the company’s CSAT scores increased from the mid-80 range to 92 percent.

The company also found that agents were better-prepared for calls and chats because they were more knowledgeable of common pain points customers were experiencing. This led to a reduction in handle time by 20 percent.

Where to Go from Here?

The company continues to partner with Stratifyd for these quickly generated insights which help increase customer retention and acquisition, improve products and services, update marketing messaging, and boost revenue.

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