Case Study

Fortune 500 Financial Services


To analyze omni-channel chats, calls, and quarterly and monthly surveys and uncover actionable insights to improve relationships with customers and business overall.

Partnership With Stratifyd

The financial services company’s Client Loyalty and Research and Market Analysis teams chose Stratifyd for its ability to easily ingest and dive into data, utilize topic modeling, and tailor taxonomies.

They loved our platform’s speed to insights and accuracy but consider the rate at which enhancements can be made to be game-changing. Prior to using Stratifyd, the company would have to wait weeks and months for enhancement requests to be made to the tech. We make those changes and update analysis within a single day.

Notable Use Case(s)

The client was no stranger to using taxonomies, but our ability to produce insights on topics it hadn’t previously looked into and to adjust taxonomies in order to deep dive into these topics gave the company more actionable insights than ever before.

Noteworthy topics that emerged from these analyses were “electronic funds transfer” and “intelligent portfolio,” which indicated that many people were unhappy with their experiences and were being hit with heavy fees when making electronic transfers. The company didn’t realize how many people were affected by these fees, and quickly began brainstorming ways to deal with this issue in an effort to improve net promoter scores (NPS).


Stratifyd has given our client visibility into key topics driving high and low NPS ratings so it can leverage the insights to be more successful.

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