Case Study

Kreg Tools


To analyze unstructured customer feedback across all channels and identify ways to improve products and the overall user experience.

Partnership With Stratifyd

Kreg’s needs revolve around having one Business Insights Specialist to manually dig through feedback on websites, such as Amazon, Walmart, Lowe’s, and Home Depot. That act alone would take weeks or months, and by the time the data was compiled, customers may have already deflected. So the company turned to Stratifyd to help compile product insights in minutes.

The company appreciates Stratifyd’s quick and efficient way to analyze customer feedback, and its ability to drill down into those insights to identify ways to improve its line of products.


Kreg has not only been able to improve its own products, it’s been able to monitor the products of competitors as well. All those insights have led to increased customer retention, improve CX, and a boost in revenue.

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