Case Study

Leading Insurance Co In APAC


To analyze conversations between customers and agents to gather insight on how to increase sales of insurance policies.

Partnership With Stratifyd

The company has hundreds of agents and its data analytics team integrated Stratifyd’s AI models into workflows to better train them and give them every advantage to be more successful when selling policies.

Notable Use Case(s)

The company’s agents sell insurance policies through telemarketing. On average, it takes an agent about four rounds of calling to make a sale, so the company sought Stratifyd’s help to build an AI model which would gauge a customer’s interest and indicate whether follow-up calls would be worth an agent’s time.

AI models help classify calls by analyzing voice-to-text transcriptions from the first round of contact. The models run metrics on call transcriptions to determine high-potential customers. In one week, the 150 agents that were using the models saw a higher success rate and had many more opportunities to sell policies to potential customers.


Stratifyd’s AI model has helped the company save agents time, increase revenue, and improve sales efficiency by an average of 50%.

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