Product Reviews Analysis for Hamilton Beach Toasters


Breakfast is notably the most important meal of the day. That is why we utilized our AI-powered data analytics platform to perform a product analysis for Hamilton Beach, gaining insights into customer’s preferences on the Cool Touch Toaster vs. the Breakfast Station Toaster Oven. Stratifyd analyzed nearly 1000+ reviews per product from Amazon and Overall, the two products ranked fairly well with a combination of both positive and negative customer reviews.


Cool Touch Toaster: 4.75 out of 5 stars

Breakfast Station Toaster Oven: 3.90 out of 5 stars

Stratifyd also wanted to gauge customer sentiment on the products individually, to further understand which of the two products customers prefered. Customer sentiment can be given a score anywhere between -3.0 and +3.0 based on keywords associated with the product. In the case of the two Hamilton Beach toasters, here is how they scored.

Cool Touch Toaster: +2.10 sentiment score

Breakfast Station Toaster Oven: +1.90 sentiment score

Lastly, we examined the word cloud associated with each toaster to get a complete view of which product stacked up better. It was assumed that the Breakfast Station toaster oven would come out on top due to its durability and universal nature to warm larger food items, but that assumption was incorrect. We were able to break down the largest keywords associated with each product based on their usage percent, leading to the conclusion that the Cool Touch toaster is the most prefered, based on customer reviews and sentiment.


Cool Touch Toaster

Push Down 32.4%

Reasonable Price 18.9%

Long Cook Time 12.9%

Breakfast Station Toaster Oven

Too Small 27.2%

Cancel Button 15.6%

Easy Clean 17.3%

By gaining understanding into Hamilton Beach’s customer feedback on products, Stratifyd’s AI powered analytics provided the ability to recognize issues in real time leading to quicker insights. Companies, like Hamilton Beach, can use valuable data analysis to adjust product quality, make changes in their policies, and better serve their customers in less time.

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