The Cruise Line Data Universe

At Stratifyd, we understand the cruise business.  From attracting first time cruisers to delivering unparalleled on board experiences, cruise companies are investing billions of dollars to create floating resorts catering to every passenger need. In the hyper-competitive cruise business, the ability to gather and analyze a wide variety of information and quickly recognize insights is critical. Stratifyd’s Cruise Subscription service is designed to unify this constantly expanding volume of information into a single, consumable analytics portal that enables cruise and travel companies to maximize passenger revenue.

While industry sources like ‘Cruise Industry News’ is a trusted source of information that has provided a wealth of insider views, no one has been able to unify the extraordinary number of data points into a single service.  Stratifyd has solved this problem by processing hundreds of thousands of cruise reviews while also capturing streaming news information, industry insights and other social inputs.

Our service empowers cruise companies, travel agencies, and cruise industry experts to easily find the insights needed to capitalize on apparent opportunities, increase customer loyalty, and gain the operational information necessary to maximize revenue. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a dynamic user interface, subscribers can focus on every aspect of the customer journey. Clients can perform comprehensive cruise industry analysis in minutes and create data driven decisions to power their business. More importantly, the combination of artificial intelligence and intuitive use interface enables anyone, not just data scientists or analysts, to easily find actionable information quickly and easily.

Stratifyd’s service aims to change the cruise industry forever by allowing you to unify your mountain of information and pull ahead of the competition. A monthly subscription gives you immediate access to a universe of data to accelerate, grow, and improve your business strategies by bringing all your data analytics needs together into our easy to use portal. If you want to leverage your data into real revenue, contact us today.

Tim RobersonStratifyd