Go Beyond the Numbers with Call Center Data

Call centers collect data on every interaction conceivable, but the hard numerical metrics that have dominated call centers for nearly 20 years fail to reveal the contextual insight that lies beyond the numbers. Powerful text analytics tools using artificial intelligence and machine learning are providing greater understanding into the nature of interaction between call center representatives and callers, revealing opportunities for better agent training, allowing proactive interaction to reduce call volume, and ensuring that each call is paired with just the right representative. While call centers have done an excellent job at measuring the quantitative feedback that can show them there is a problem, without the qualitative context these numbers have no way to demonstrate the real issue at hand. AI powered text analytics provides this context to create efficiency, lower costs, and reduce turnover for call centers looking to truly leverage the data they have.

To learn more about how Call Centers are benefiting from advanced text analytics, download our detailed white paper. Stratifyd uses AI-powered text analytics to provide deep insight into the call center industry. Our white paper details how our technology is helping call centers learn more about their customers, representatives, and company. Download the white paper by completing the form below. 

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