The 2021 FinServ Customer Experience Report

We used our Smart AI™-powered Experience Analytics Platform to understand why consumers registered over 50% more feedback than ever before.
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Small, illustrated CFPB 2021 Customer Experience Report booklet

2020 introduced new FinServ customer experience challenges as in-person interactions came to a halt.

With a little distance, now is the time for CX teams to look back to understand how they can revamp their approach to listening to customers to provide the best experience possible to improve loyalty.

We Analyzed

Small, illustrated CFPB 2021 Customer Experience Report booklet

Over 436,000  feedback submissions

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Reports on over 5,800 companies

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Every CFPB product category

“This report shows that not all customers in the financial services sector have been really heard or treated fairly over the last year and that should be a wake-up call to all those responsible. The problem is that complaints are like the ‘dark corners’ of customer experience and they don’t get the attention they deserve.”

Adrian Swinscoe,

Advisor, Speaker and Best-selling Author

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Understand why consumers registered over 50% more feedback than ever before. Read and discover:

The hidden trends and sentiment that drove historic rates of comments towards financial institutions

What the most frustrating parts of 2020 were for consumers when it came to banking CX

Lessons for CX teams to incorporate as we move towards a new normal and digital transformation accelerates at many financial institutions  

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