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Easier, Faster, More Comprehensive Customer Analytics.

Don’t get enveloped in the mountains of customer feedback. We’ll help you sort and make sense of all of it in minutes.

Stratifyd’s AI technology simultaneously ingests structured and unstructured data from unlimited data sources and visualizes it on one dashboard in minutes. The visualizations display customer sentiment, common words and phrases, timelines, and more to arm you with the information you need to make smart, insight-driven decisions about your company and services.

We’ve gotten the stamp of approval from our Fortune 1500 clients

“What you found in 15 minutes took us eight weeks to fully comprehend the scale and the scope of the problem.”

“We’re able to process information coming into the contact center all the way through the ecosystem — digital, product, marketing. And it all comes together by the fact that we’re able to incorporate all of that data in one place.”

“Being a leading customer relationship management company, we manage a tremendous amount of customer feedback every day. So, we needed a powerful tool to help us improve CRM in terms of business intelligence and provide the best possible service to end-users. Stratifyd has made that happen. It’s a very helpful and smart tool that gives our business analysts the ability to deep dive into the customer voice to find actionable insights and better understand how to improve customer communication.”

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