Don’t Miss the Boat on
Complete Customer Analytics

Our platform delivers actionable insights in the time it takes to go down the slide on the lido deck.

Stratifyd is powered by AI and specializes in analyzing both structured and unstructured feedback.

Our platform ingests omni-channel data and uses machine learning to assign sentiment and categorize the findings. This video shows how cruise lines can surface and benefit from unknown insights.

Our platform has a number of other valuable features, too.

  • We’re the fastest time to insights platform.
  • Our platform has alerting and case management functionality, giving you the opportunity to become more proactive.
  • It can accurately predict CSAT ratings and reasoning when customers fail to, or don’t fully provide feedback.

In this industry, customer satisfaction is the highest priority.

We’ve helped one of our clients improve CSAT scores from the mid-80s to 92%. Our platform also cut handle time for contact center calls by 20% by identifying customer pain points and better preparing agents to address issues.
To see how Stratifyd can help your company improve, schedule a demo with us.