CSV and Excel

data connector

How Stratifyd works with CSV/Excel files

Stratifyd ingests files formatted with comma-separated values (CSV) and Excel files (will only ingest the first tab of an Excel file). Stratifyd reads the data as a table with headers in the first row. Each column header will become a data element to pivot on within the platform after ingestion. For example, if you have dates going across your sheet (horizontally), you will not have a date field to map because Stratifyd only reads inputs for each field vertically (rows).

Using the data connector is easy:

  • Upload your file

  • Map your data fields to contributor, geolocational, temporal, or text for analysis

    • You can map multiple fields to text to be analyzed as one combined corpus

    • You can map multiple fields to geolocational for more accurate results

  • Use our dynamic visualizations to present your data