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Partnership With Stratifyd

This company is in the process of rebranding around its vape product, as there’s a culture shift happening moving users away from traditional tobacco and towards its less harmful counterpart. However, its branding and marketing efforts have been ineffective, especially compared to others in the industry. The company sought Stratifyd’s help to improve these efforts and gather other insights.

We’ve helped the company see that it can position itself as a more ethical brand than its competitors as it has complied and closely cooperated with the FDA. And, given that it has avoided the current backlash facing the market by doing so, it’s viewed as a sophisticated, mature adult brand.

Stratifyd has also helped the company gather practical data and insight into how to market to different kinds of customers, from those who buy in convenience stores to those who shop on major websites.

Notable Use Case(s)

Its vape product has four flagship flavors, one of which is cherry. When looking at the word cloud in our platform for each flavor, cherry had several variations of “cough,” “cough syrup,” and “cold cough,” indicating it tasted more like medicine than fruit. The flavor’s sales numbers were deceptive, and the company was able to see that it was selling well because it was a flavor that was being promoted more than others and available in more locations. Conversely, blueberry and green apple flavors were performing exceptionally well, but were only available in vape shops. These insights led the company to focus on realigning its core flavors to ensure it had a strong core flavor pack.

The company also realized that it had confused customers with the names of certain flavors. As a response to competitors having higher nicotine strength, the company released flavor pods with the word, “intense,” in the name, but didn’t make it clear what that meant. Customers assumed it meant intense flavor rather than higher nicotine content, and this line of flavors didn’t perform as expected.

The company also ran a special ongoing promotion where new customers could get a starter kit for just $1. We were able to show the company that the kits performed exceptionally well and determine that people were creating endless email addresses to get the product for the discounted price on many different occasions, causing it to waste resources and miss out on a large amount of revenue.

Our platform also delivered insights about leaking pods, which damaged brand perception. The company is in the process of rectifying these issues and rereleasing the affected pods.


Using our platform, the company has gained brand awareness, gotten insight into logistics and future planning for inventory, uncovered material for marketing, and seen an uptick in positive feedback.

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