1 Resource center added online to provide customers with helpful tips and tricks.

100% visibility into the customer experience, across multiple lines of drugs.

Prescribing doctors received stricter guidelines on educating patients to administer doses at home.


To analyze data from its Global Contact Center and monitor drugs in various therapeutic areas. The Consumer Insights Analytics team looks for any instances where experiences with the drugs could be improved.

Partnership With Stratifyd

The company is international and has many different drugs to keep tabs on, meaning it appreciates Stratifyd’s speed to insights, predictive intelligence, and case management functionality.

Stratifyd helps the company analyze omni-channel inbound customer support interactions on all drugs to ensure the best products and instructions are provided to its customers in an effort to reduce any confusion or unnecessary pain.

Notable Use Case(s)

A member of the Consumer Insight Analytics team was analyzing a dashboard for a specific insulin drug which users administered to themselves at home. This individual noticed that the word cloud on our platform showed “injection site” with a negative sentiment.

Upon further investigation, it was found that many prescribing doctors weren’t giving the in-office demonstrations of how to inject yourself. Users tried to teach themselves via online tutorial videos and instructions on the drug’s website to no avail and communicated that they were experiencing pain and irritation at the injection site.

The company was set to release the drug in Australia shortly after this discovery and was able to communicate to doctors that patients needed to be taught how to give themselves the doses when prescriptions were written. It also provided more comprehensive information online, and in the directions accompanying the drug, explaining how to properly administer it.


Stratifyd has continuously helped uncover unknowns, get insights in near real-time, and increase collaboration throughout the company by sharing reports more frequently.

The company’s customers’ quality of life is at stake when information isn’t clearly communicated, like in the instance of the insulin drug. Stratifyd continues to help monitor numerous drugs and cases to help minimize these issues and provide customers with a better experience.

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