To analyze omni-channel data to learn about market trends and the overall customer experience. The company uses this information to enhance marketing messaging, improve incident management, and innovate in terms of services.

Partnership With Stratifyd

PMI is international, and therefore appreciates our platform’s ability to support more than 27 languages. Seeing how the company’s many services were perceived all around the world was imperative, as business users utilize our platform to visualize unstructured data and analyze and understand conversation topics about itself as well as competitors’ brands and products.

Customer feedback is compiled from reviews published on eCommerce websites, online mentions, customer care reviews, Net Promoter Score surveys, and BazaarVoice, and insights contribute to the enhancement and optimization of services.


PMI has been able to hone in on trending topics and tap into other valuable insights that have helped to improve services, NPS, and marketing strategies.

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