Drowning in Data ?

With waves of customer feedback rolling in daily, organizing and making sense of these insights can feel like a strong current is constantly pulling you under.

Want to see how Stratifyd can help you keep your head above water? Join us on

Tuesday Oct. 30th, 2018 @11AM EST

Meet the Hosts

Jen Underwood

Jen is a Senior Director at DataRobot and founder of Impact Analytix, LLC. In her 20 years of experience, she’s garnered a robust skillset, comprised of data warehousing, reporting, visualization, and advanced analytics. She’s also an expert in the realms of product management, leading technical teams, and identifying industry trends. She’s a Top 10 Female Influencer and has provided advisory, strategy, educational content development, and marketing services to more than 100 technology vendors.

Kevin O’dell

Kevin is the Chief Technology Officer at Stratifyd, an end-to-end customer data analytics company based in Charlotte, NC. Kevin has driven the Stratifyd platform from product, field engineering, and customer success perspectives. He has an extensive background in technology and has held numerous roles at Cloudera, Rocana, and EMC in which he supported and architected some of the largest deployments on the planet. While at Cloudera, he co-authored the O’Reilly Publication “Architecting HBase Applications.”

What to Expect

During the webinar, you’ll get a step-by-step breakdown of how to use the Stratifyd platform – from inputting your data to navigating the various visual representations. Our hosts will teach you how to use omni-channel customer feedback to better your business.

Want More Info?

Using the Stratifyd platform to access customer insights is like uncovering a sunken ship filled to the brim with lost treasure. Your discoveries can lead to an increase in customer retention, improvement to products and services, and a boost in revenue.