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Stratifyd solutions solves unique and undetected problems that businesses face.

CPG & Retail


CPG companies have a wide range of products used daily by a staggering amount of people. With so many products and consumers, there’s a constant wave of feedback rolling in. Stratifyd helps keep tabs on product performances and customer sentiment in real time, saving companies from inventory missteps, costly recalls, and being surpassed by competitors in the space.



When health and quality of life are at stake, understanding the Voice of the Consumer is crucial. Pharmaceutical companies have used our platform to gather insights on specific drugs, finding patients weren’t being taught how to properly inject themselves with insulin medication; and trial medications with shorter regimen cycles decreased the amount of side effects experienced by patients.



Insurance is especially tough to gauge customer sentiment because it’s a product that’s only needed in times of trouble, meaning feedback includes both positive and negative words. Our platform’s Natural Language Understanding allows the AI to accurately separate reviews into complaint versus feedback categories in minutes, saving analysts time manually sorting them and making it possible to respond to complaints before customers deflect.