Stratifyd’s the Ticket to Better Customer Analytics

See how easy analyzing feedback can be with our AI-powered platform.

The Problem

Customers leave feedback everywhere – from one of the many social media platforms, to the app stores, to surveys. This problem of data siloes can make it difficult to analyze their comments and uncover insights on ways to improve.

The Solution

Stratifyd has your company covered. We handle the complex analysis of omni-channel data and show you insights on one easy-to-understand dashboard, filled with sentiment indicators and keywords and phrases from reviews.

These insights identify areas of improvement. In fact, our platform is so good at helping companies improve, our current clients have:

  • Increased CSAT scores to 92%
  • Improved star ratings from 4.3 to 4.7/5
  • Gotten 50x faster time-to-insights
  • Decreased handle time of contact center calls by 20%
  • Improved sales efficiency by 50%
  • And decreased response time to within 30 minutes of social media mentions

In the entertainment industry, feedback holds the keys to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Watch this demo video to see how Stratifyd can benefit your company.

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